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Melanie Jayne can assist with expert knowledge of the latest colour trends and timeless colour schemes to help bring your project to life. 

With our experienced colour consultant, you can relax and let us guide you through a professional consultation. 


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the process of deciding on colours for your home, using a professional colour consultant is an invaluable way to get started with the selection of colours and finishes.

We’ll prepare a comprehensive report detailing recommended colours, sheen levels, and products you need to complete your project.

We’ll look at colours on every surface, not just painted. And we’ll coordinate colours, finishes, flooring, fabrics, and furniture as part of a master plan, for both inside and out.


We will meet with you to discuss:

•    Interior and/or exterior paint colours and finishes.
•    How to transform bland, neutral interior spaces.
•    How to maximise the exterior presentation of your property to suit the architectural style of your home and the environment.
•    Coordinating the interior and exterior colour schemes to make your outdoor living spaces an extension of the interior.
•    Interior colour schemes for the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and living spaces.
•    Exterior colour schemes, including the roof, paint, stain, joinery, and hard surfaces.

At Melanie Jayne Design, we’re passionate about colour, and have years of experience – let us help you maximise the appearance of your home!

Let's Talk to find out how the use of colour can transform and update your home or workplace.

Create Beautiful Living

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